Friday, August 18, 2017

"Don't be afraid to suffer,
take your heaviness,
and give it back to the earth's own weight.
The mountains are heavy,
the oceans are heavy..."

(Excerpt from "Sonnets to Orpheus" 1922-1923.

"Portrait of Victor Hugo" by Auguste Rodin
Marble, circa 1840.

Friday, August 04, 2017


At work on the exciting collaboration with
Maltier le Malletier ~PARIS~
A bespoke series of "Desiderio" Style handbags
"The Golden Horse" - "Le Cheval d'or"

In true Maltier le Malletier ~PARIS~ bespoke style, if required, each bag can be personalised to the buyers taste
with a choice of contrasting coloured leather side panels and also choice of either goatskin or cotton canvas lining.

" Le Cheval D'or " is quite a large bag based on the classic Maltier le Malletier "DESEDIRIO" model and measures a generous 47cm x 42cm x 23cm.

Clean lines and harmonious proportions give the bag a timeless and classic travel bag style and look.

The bag is created in soft full grain calfskin, and hand-sewn with waxed linen thread.

Also featuring a zippered inner pocket and two other interior pockets.

More information about ordering or purchasing can be obtained
by contact through