Saturday, March 30, 2013

After 35 years of professional practice as an artist, every so often I feel it is important to revisit, the basics of what painting is all about. Although I am primarily self taught, I have always looked at The Masters and at artists that I admire, for clues...for information, not superficial 'inspiration', but for the understanding of techniques, which are the building blocks of any credible and meaningful work of art. It seems that much passes for 'art' these days, and there is evidence that some contemporary art has slipped into laziness. I lament the loss of technique, or more so, the loss of interest in technique. The profession that I take great pride in and have great love for, has been 'dumbed down', and that makes me sad.
Occasionally I feel the need to take the time, to reconnect with my craft...often with the memory of my high school art teacher, Mrs. Brown whispering in my ear,
"Look for the tone Tim... look for the tone"
So in honour of and with great love and affection for Mrs. Brown, I set up a simple still life in the studio, two white vases, and I prepared to look for the tone. Thank you Mrs. Brown, days like today and exercises such as this are treasures, that reconnect the artist to what is important 
and allows the unimportant things in life to fall away.

This is a photograph of my beautiful high school
 art teacher Mrs. Brown, taken long after I knew her, 
but she still looks the same. It was sent to me by her son David, I was so sad
to hear she had passed away, but she will always remain with me. 
I hope she knows how much she meant to me, forever.

Tonal studies - two white vases
oil on canvas each 30x30cms. 

Tonal study in progress - three white forms
oil on canvas 30x30cms. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Inspirational photographs by my friend Mohamad Machnouk